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INTRODUCING MY PRINT OF THE MONTH CLUB! If you're an avid fan of my art this is the club for you! For 99 dollars per month (you will be billed automatically until you cancel) you'll receive a brand spankin' new exclusive print. If a print is limited edition, you'll never have to worry about not having access to it...you're first on the list! Some prints will never be made available to the public, fun little doodles just for you! NEED MORE? SUBSCRIBERS ALSO GET ONE PENCIL DRAWING FROM ME, EVERY MONTH!!! Your first print will ship about two weeks after your subscription begins, and arrive around the same time each month.

again please be aware that this is a monthly subscription, with monthly benefits:) you will be charged once a month until you cancel ! Your monthly charge is $99 plus $6 dollars shipping within the US, and $99 plus $25 dollar shipping outside the United States. You must use a credit card for this subscription service, not pay pal! IM SO EXCITED!! I HOPE YOU LOVE BEING A PART OF MY CLUB!